What Makes a Great Board Member?

A good board member will be an active volunteer who is devoted to the organization, its members and its mission. They don’t hesitate to ask difficult questions, communicate their knowledge to other board members and take on the role of a leader within committees. They also seek opportunities to improve their governance practices and develop new skills through workshops and classes in leadership.

A good board member is aware of the time commitment required for board work. They are required to attend all meetings of the board and committees. They are active in committees and provide assistance and feedback as required. They also look for ways to make the board more efficient, like using tools like scheduling software and platforms that allow for simple document sharing.

The ability to exercise sound judgement is the primary characteristic of a great member of the board. They don’t let small-scale issues hinder a board meeting or distract from the company’s mission. They see the bigger picture and offer an outside perspective that is critical to decision making. They also have a clear perception of the industry’s overall, which impacts strategy options, M&A opportunities, hiring and firing, fundraising, legal issues and design decisions for organizations. A strong sense of judgment requires wisdom that is cultivated through experience in difficult situations, learning from failures, and the ability to discern. Without it, board members may do great board member your company a disservice.

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