What to Include and What to Leave Out of Board Meeting Minutes

When composing the minutes of board meetings, it’s important to be objective. This allows the minutes to serve their purpose as a legal document and prove that meetings were held and that decisions were made. If opinions are contained in the notes, they may appear biased and cause skepticism between stakeholders such as legal entities or potential board members. It is important to know which details to include and which to keep out of the minutes.

In general the minutes of board meetings should only record the details and decisions that were made during the meeting. They should not include any personal or subjective views such as how the chair of the board pounded on her desk in order to make her point. Also, it is best not to name people in the discussion, unless a motion is being proposed. The board should record who made the motion as well as who voted to second it, as well the amount of votes cast for, against and abstaining.

It’s also a good idea to take note of any new attendees or special guests. This will help people keep track of those who are taking part in the meeting both in person and remotely. It’s also a good idea to list the beginning and ending times of the meeting, and also a date and time for the next meeting. Board members are busy and having a fixed https://boardroombox.com/ date and time to meet helps everyone stay on the same page.

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