John Sheppard has actually a beneficial sexual label drama

John Sheppard has actually a beneficial sexual label drama

“Tourist” of the Sara NC-17 — The past time it took place in order to Planet are unplanned and you may unwanted. They were basically pushed aside, each of these was pushed around a mountain, in which there is no sea, no surf and heavens smelled incorrect.

“Thanatology, or, God’s Play” by the soleil NC-17 — “Your own man Silva are talking to the leader of the some body around the Ancestral Band when all of a sudden the guy became and you will ran towards the brand new tree. I have perhaps not seen him or perhaps the rest of the people since the.”

“Edacious” by the LadyCat NC-17 — And you will, ok, it should be merely boredom and trying ease a butt you to definitely drops sleep contrary to popular belief frequently whenever Sheppard is into the normal desk chairsthe dumbest justification Rodney’s ever heard and wildly effectivebut Rodney is bored stiff, extremely, mind-tearingly bored stiff, and he can’t help it to in the event it guides him on surest way to boredom he could be actually ever located within the nearly 37 several years of mindful lives.

“E-mail Level” of the Fia Reynne PG-thirteen — Jeannie harasses Rodney concerning Katie Brownish dialogue and then he allows John spill brand new beans.

“Consolation” by the Cate PG-thirteen — John’s abdomen were to toss a punch with his free hand, yank himself totally free, tussle there inside the a good goddamn hallway, but Rodney is actually draw difficult, bending his or her own human body, gazing John regarding deal with, shaking which have persistent pleasure.

Hijinks ensue

“Aerodynamics” of the busaikko PG — Sheppard are recalled to World 5 years ago; absolutely nothing individual, one among things the new armed forces performed.

A story told by elizabeth-post

“Take a look at Sure if any, Or, Christmas in Atlantis, Having an area off Snark” from the ferret_cat PG-thirteen — “Features people the informed me new ‘league’ system for your requirements? Japonca kadД±n ‘Cause they are instance here,” she held their unique give a lot more than their own head of the an excellent twenty centimeters, “and you are clearly perhaps here,” and she decrease their hands at the least thirty centimeters, to right around her jaw.

“50 % of a possibility” by sheafrotherdon PG — However, you will find the latest men within business now, with his father indulges his wish to research their implies. “There is much we could learn from someone else,” Halling informs your. “Become thoughtful because you observe.”

“Nadine and you will Billy Bob Greet One to M76-343” from the sheafrotherdon PG-thirteen — Rodney cannot realize he has got a thing for John’s shoulder best through to the minute he really does.

“Best-laid Agreements” by the Argosy PG — John didn’t very believe the brand new day would definitely happen–Carter would come to their particular senses, otherwise Rodney perform chicken away, or–when the tough concerned worse–Atlantis itself perform know it towards abomination it had been and drain with the water.

“Lay Afloat” by the cottontail73 Roentgen — Pressed towards the exile on earth, Party Sheppard must adjust to lifetime in place of Atlantis. John discovers so you can forgive and start more than.

“One-piece Immediately” by the argosy PG — If a person far more researcher reported to partner with one vaguely manic gleam inside the eyes, as well as the terminology “workbench jig” around his breath, Rodney was going to have to exclude visits to help you Sheppard’s absolutely nothing park.

“Class: Insecta” by the cupidsbow NC-17 — John data Beckett’s magic pill make the side-consequences vanish, with the intention that he or she is simply basic-material John Sheppard again, through.

“Trapped in between With you” of the pollitt PG — Essentially, the new gates aren’t speaking with both. Things is not interfacing correctly.” — “Eg a mac and you will a pc.” — “Zero. In contrast to.” — John leveled a pregnant have a look at Rodney. — “Sure. Okay, yes, like that.” Rodney conceded.

“Knob Envy, Or any other Some thing Meredith McKay Will not Actually have” by thedeadparrot PG-thirteen — Meredith McKay will get became one.

“Involuntary Canine” of the bergann PG-13 — “Colonel, that which was you to definitely?” Carter’s sound ‘s the first thing the guy hears on the other side, but John is already chasing the brand new terrier down the measures and to the hallway, if you’re at the rear of your he is able to tune in to Teyla state that she believed it was what Carter manage telephone call a puppy.

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